41 Creative Minimal Logos For Design Inspiration

When it comes to logo design, minimalism can be tricky to achieve. If executed improperly, the logo can come across as too simple or boring. In the process of removing unnecessary elements, you have to ensure that your logo remains memorable and distinctive.

The proper use of colours, typography and white space (a.k.a. negative space) can help you achieve the intended design. iBrandStudio has compiled a list of clever minimal logos by talented designers who seem to have got it right. Check out some of our favourites below.

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50 Creative Monogram Logos For Design Inspiration

monogram is a motif or symbol made by combining two or more letters. The earliest known examples of monograms date back to 350BC when the names of Greek cities used to be engraved on coins. Over the centuries, monograms have been used in religion, architecture and in royal symbols to denote power and authority.

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