Not a problem! I can recreate nearly any logo into high resolution format for use in various mediums. Once this is finalised I will provide you the files for your future use.

Of course I can, I am more than happy to help a fellow small business owner get up and running. Getting things right from the beginning can have a major impact on the future success of your business. If your budget allows I can also provide you with artwork design for stationery, business cards and a website. I think you will find my packages reasonably priced for small business.

I would love the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote. I can give you a basic idea of costs via email however, the best and most accurate quotes are if we can meet up and discuss all of your requirements. That way i know exactly what you need and you know the process involved in achieving that goal.

That’s my thing! If you need a new logo, branding or changing an existing one, I can help. Let’s talk about your ideas and vision and I can make it happen.

We discuss what your business entails, what ‘feel’ you want it to have, who your competitors are, where and how you want to use it and when it needs to be completed. I like to meet in person, I’m old fashioned like that, and it also prevents any misunderstandings. Then I send you a questionnaire so your ideas are on paper and you have an opportunity to really think of the details you want to include. Once I have all the info, I get to work on some mock-ups and we make changes if necessary.

Yes, you own the copyright however I own the designer moral rights, So any changes or uses outside those it was designed for need to be approved by me as it’s my art work and my reputation that it represents.

Yes, I require a 50% down payment to commence work on all projects over $500 and full payment up front for those less than $500.

Depending on your situation and length and size of the project we can negotiate payment terms however, it is usually 50% up front with full payment at the conclusion of the project. Protracted jobs may require a further part payment (75%) along the way.

Sure can. We can discuss your budget and find the most cost effective way to have your project printed.

I design and have a local printer print them for you at a very competitive rate and of great quality.

This depends on your project however I only outsource to reputable companies so printing is usually completed in a timely manner and within your deadlines if at all possible.

Of course! Let’s chat and discuss what you need.

I can however I cannot guarantee the quality.

Images and artwork are usually subject to copyright laws, in most cases they can be purchased or if not a similar one can be found and used.

I can do mock-ups to suit any of your needs. Let’s discuss what they are and I can give you a quote.

This can happen, so I’ve heard, but if you don’t like them then no worries, it’s back to the drawing board for me. In some cases there may be extra costs involved however if you are clear with what you want right from the start, this is unlikely to be a problem anyway.

Each project has different inclusions, when I provide you with a quote it will clearly state the number of revisions that are included.

I do both depending on the project. I tend to work in whichever way best suits your budget and the project

I will provide you with the required formats. As I said above, any changes to the artwork or uses outside that which it was intended are subject to my approval.

Don’t have a domain name? no problems, I can help you! If you have a domain name you like send it to me and I will organise the registration on your behalf. if you have an Australian registered company you are entitled to a domain name. The domain name needs to be an exact match, an acronym, abbreviation or something that bears a close resemblance to the business being registered. No ABN/ACN/BN, no problems, a .com/.net domain name can be registered by anyone

I can source and set up a Website Hosting service for you and I suggest my clients go with Siteground. It is one of the largest independently owned hosting companies with more than 400 employees and growing, it is important when it comes to customer service and website speed. I can help you with hosting whether you are setting up or transferring a website or need one for your domain and/or email.