Project Details

For all Boxer owners and soon to be boxer parents from the Brisbane and surrounding areas, feel free to join. Boxers in Brisbane aims to have monthly organized Meet ups/Play dates all over the Brisbane area, make sure you check the events tab to see when and where the next one will be. Link to the Facebook page 

In Boxers in Brisbane group members share their experience and offer help and advice for those who may need it. Boxers in Brisbane have members with years/decades of experience and knowledge of the breed. Members are people who know Boxers are as mad as a box of frogs but also the most loving and intelligent breed there is but, if you’re new to the world of being a Boxer owner you may need a bit of guidance. You’re definitely in the right place.

A big thanks to Boxers in Brisbane for giving Cracked Bulb Design the opportunity to design their branding.

Client Testimonial

I had graphics made up for a Facebook page i run as well as merch examples and i couldn’t be more happier. When discussing said items he was so enthused with the project which was very pleasant to hear as well as having the designs done promptly and professionally. I also have to add his knowledge base and experience is second to none and was extremely helpful. Thanks Ahmet.
– Thomas Morrison | Owner | Boxers in Brisbane

  • Client Boxers in Brisbane
  • Created by Cracked Bulb Design
  • Completed On 2017
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